Kumpaner produces exclusive handmade skateboards from 7 layers of Canadian maple, in a living room in Oslo. The boards are pressed, cut, sanded and decorated by hand which make them unique in a otherwise robotized everyday life. 

The name Kumpaner comes from the Norwegian word "kumpan", which means both friend and mate, but is also used about an accomplice. In the period 1978–1989, Norway was the only country in the world having a total ban on both selling and buying skateboards, including using them. For many years after the ban was lifted, skaters were perceived as bad boys or girls. This history and experience helped us defining the name and shape of the symbol – a flower with eyes. This symbolizes skateboarding as a positive, friendly and inclusive activity. With a slight touch of wickedness.

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A big thanks to Thomas Ekström who have shot most ofthe images.